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We Are Sky

We are a Texas focused developer dedicated to advancing sustainable energy solutions through community solar projects. Our mission is to empower individuals, businesses, and communities to take control of their energy use, reduce their carbon footprint, and save money on their electricity bills.

"When we first started Sky Solar we had one clear idea in mind, people do care about the energy they consume. Same as they care about the water they drink, the food they consume and the cars they drive, more and more they care about the energy they consume."

Doron Szportas Co-Founder

Doron Szportas Co-Founder and Renewable Energy Expert

With a passion for green energy solutions and a vision for a sustainable future, Doron Szportas is an esteemed figure in the realm of renewable energy and infrastructure. Boasting a wealth of experience spanning decades, Doron has showcased his expertise on a global stage. As the Country Manager and CEO in Colombia, he effectively managed the operations of Shikun and Binui. Furthermore, he held a pivotal role as the Managing Director for the renewable energy activities for Ashtrom RE in the US, driving significant advancements in the sector.


Doron holds a BA in Finance and an LLM in Law from Reichman University (IDC), Israel. As the co-founder of Sky Solar, Doron’s enthusiasm for community-driven solar projects and his extensive industry knowledge form the backbone of the company’s mission: to make renewable energy accessible and equitable for all.


Albert Alhadef Co-Founder and Infrastructure Specialist

Albert Alhadef brings to Sky Solar over 30 years of unparalleled expertise in real estate development, management, and large-scale infrastructure projects. 

A proud alumnus of Tel Aviv University, Albert holds a BA in Business and Accounting and MBA in Business Administartion . His academic achievements, coupled with his hands-on experience, make him an invaluable asset in the world of infrastructure projects. Albert's commitment to the environment is reflected in his enthusiasm for Sky Solar's community-centric approach.


Under his leadership, the company not only focuses on the technical aspects of renewable energy but also emphasizes the importance of community engagement, inclusivity, and sustainability. Together with Doron, Albert is determined to see Sky Solar drive the change towards a more sustainable and equitable energy future for all

Your Community. Your Energy.

Advisory Board

Sky Solar's advisory board is a blend of seasoned professionals from technical, retail, and non-profit sectors. These industry experts guide our vision, ensuring technological excellence, market relevance, and a commitment to community and equity. Stay tuned as we soon unveil the dedicated individuals behind this collective expertise.

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